Sunday, August 12, 2007

Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil that the term I read lately when I started this blog. Once again my grandmother was right. Coconut is very close to human life. I wonder why they call it virgin coconut oil ?. When the word virgin comes in, I think everybody know what it's means.

It's sound funny to me but in my country the a term that said 'the coconut have been piercing by the squirrel' which means a girl that have sex without married !. In my tradition sex without married is forbidden and will be condemn by the society. Again they used coconut to show the example. Coconut must be pure or virgin and that is the true coconut. From this coconut they produce virgin coconut oil.

I also used virgin coconut oil in my everyday life. However, because this virgin coconut oil, as shown by it's name, is not cheap product, may be some sort like virgin girl !. So what good this virgin coconut oil ?. I used it as body lotion, hair cream, and many other thing. Virgin coconut oil is said to have anti virus, anti fungal, antimicrobial these means virgin coconut oil can kill all those virus, fungal, microbe.

I read that the process of producing virgin coconut oil does not involved any heating procudure, thus it is belief no trans fatty acid in the virgin coconut oil.Some says that virgin coconut oil can cure many diseases such as HIV, skin problem and to some extend it can keep us younger and healthy. I took 3 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil everyday.

Therefore I recommended to give virgin coconut oil a chance to cure some of our diseases because that the coconut life !.

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