Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Coconut life

Life is like a coconut. Once we are on the ground and by the time we grown up, become a tall tree with a beautiful leaf. Later we producing coconut fruit. However this coconut fruit, sometimes can fall down to earth, some maybe eaten by squirrel and the said lucky one's can grown up to be big coconut fruit.

This big coconut fruit also don't have any security can last to the old or mature age. Squirrel, monkey or human being like to eat green or fresh coconut. Because this coconut contain sweet water that suitable for human to drink and also some soft flesh that also sweet and good to eat.

The lucky one can grow older and may fall to the ground again. Coconut tree mostly can be found near the beach. Thus the older coconut fruit, even though have fall to the ground and hoping to grow as a coconut tree can be washed out to the sea and later drown in the sea bed.

My grandmother always told me, life is like the life of coconut. Thus I started this blog to remembering my late grandmother Mariam Sulaiman. This blog is dedicated to her that have brought me up to this world, thus make me the one like me today.

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