Saturday, October 18, 2008

How To Make Virgin Coconut Oil

Did you know how to make a Virgin Coconut Oil ?. People keep asking me on how to make Virgin Coconut Oil at home. Here a simple guide that we can make a virgin coconut oil using coconut milk and it's very simple, do try it at your home or kitchen. This method absolutely not using any heat, as long you have a refrigerator.

Here the steps

1. Select only fresh and mature quality coconuts.

2. Split coconuts and collect coconut water.

3. Grate coconuts, and please make sure you grated the only white meat, the to make sure you get the crystal clear virgin coconut oil then collect the grated coconut meat.

4. Bag the coconut meat. Use white nylon mesh bag.

5. Place bag in a Cold Press* machine or at home, you can hand press using gloves. Collect
coconut milk.

6. Soak the pressed bag in coconut water and press for a second time. Collect more coconut

7. Allow the coconut milk to settle undisturbed in a refrigerator at 10 degC for 10-17 hours.
Coconut oil will naturally separate from water and proteins.

8. Carefully collect and filter the oil (top layer) and avoid mixing with the bottom water layer. The oil is colorless.

9. The clear oil you collect then you can keep in a glass bottle.

10. You can use this oil as a massage oil and even you can drink it a table spoon a day, to enjoy the benefit of virgin coconut oil.

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Welcome to Janamas Treasure said...

wow! this is a good post. i never know that it is simple to make our own fresh virgin coconut oil.

i intend to buy & consume VCO lately. since i've found this article, so i'll try this in my kitchen.

Thank q very much!